Top 5 Things To Explore In Blankenburg

Top 5 Things To Explore In Blankenburg

Blankenburg is a Belgian coastal town in the province of West Flanders with a long beach and promenade plus a busy marina. The town has become one of Belgium’s most popular seaside resorts. Deco pier that stretches out into the North Sea offering views of the coastline. Before we get into the Top Five things to do in Blankenburg.

5 Best Places To Visit In Blankenburg

Top 5 Things To Explore In Blankenburg

1. ZOO Serpentarium – The Serpentarium gives visitors an impressive journey through the mysterious world of reptiles. From the jungle to the desert visitors can experience the wonderful world of exceptionally rare species between rock walls and waterfalls. You will meet the most exotic animals from the beautiful rainbow. Boa to the panther chameleon the zoo shows a huge amount of different animals spread over a hundred species apart from reptiles. And amphibians there are also spiders insects and other invertebrates in the collection.

2. Sea Life of Blankenburg – Sea life Belgium’s premier aquarium and sanctuary for sea creatures, offers visitors family-friendly exhibits featuring more than 5,000 sea animals plus a play zone and refreshment area. Visitors can see a colorful variety of fish and marine species in a fun and educational wildlife sanctuary meet friendly penguins and mellow. Turtles see enormous king crabs scuttling around the sands and take a walk through a glass tunnel peering up into the sight of sharks and rays gliding gracefully overhead. This attraction is as fun as it is educational and a must for all wildlife enthusiasts.

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3. Z Bows – Z Bows would lands immediately behind the coastline between Blankenburg. And zebra is the Zebo Scotland’s an area of planted trees. The woodlands are a superb place to walk offering shelter from the wind. And Sun while allowing you the peace and quiet to enjoy the landscape and natural environment. Part of Z Bows has been set aside as play woods with adjacent meadows for leisure pursuits and an adventure playground.

4. Belle Epoque Center – The Belle Epoque Center is housed in threes superbly restored seaside villas in the center of Blankenburg. The center offers visitors a glimpse of the glory of the Belle Epoque era from around 1870 to 1914. When tourism increased and Blankenburg was on its way to becoming a major seaside resort. An interactive exhibition tells a story of nostalgia and explores what local life was like during the Belle Epoque.  

5. Dairy Museum – In the dairy Museum, visitors can experience more than 350 years of preparing butter and cheese. A great number of tools and historical machines photographs and unique documents. That show how the milk was collected and how it was processed into butter and cheese. The entire dairy production process from milk production to butter and cheese production than to sales at the market.

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