Top 5 Things To Do In De Panne (Belgium)

TOP 10 Things To Do In De Panne Belgium

De Panne is a Belgian town on the North Sea close to the French border. The town is of great importance in Belgian history. As it is here that King Leopold the first set foot in the territory in 1831. De Panne is known for its Beach which is the widest in the country, and covered in white sand and also for nature reserves. Like West Hook where dunes and grasslands shelter migratory birds there are also many bike trails in the surrounding countryside as well as walking routes that offer good day activities for visitors. So let’s explore the top 5 things to do in De Panne.

5 Best Places To Explore In De Panne

TOP 10 Things To Do In De Panne Belgium

Cabour Dunes – The oldest dune area in all of Europe the Cabour Dunes are a fascinating sight the 230-acre dunes. Straddling the French border provide nature walks that can be walked via a marked path. But you cannot walk on the dunes themselves. As they are a protected natural area. look out for the dunes inhabitants ponies and horses.

Plopsaqua Park – Plopsaqua Park is a Viking themed indoor and outdoor water park with plenty of attractions. Including a play village lots of slides fountains and things to climb on. The water is lovely and warm inside and out and there is plenty to keep everyone entertained here. Take a family bubbly bath with the bubble Tains. Fire the water cannon from Hal bars Drakkar or take the disco slide. This Park has plenty of watery themed family-friendly fun.

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Museum Paul Delvaux – The Paul Delvaux Museum can be found just outside of De Panne and was named after the world-famous painter Paul DeVoe. The museum opened in 1982 and offers a look at the collection of the Paul Delvaux foundation. The Museum shows works from his very early period as well as some of his later works when he was well into his 80s. A visit to this museum is a unique experience as it immerses the viewer into the enthralling atmosphere of the painters own artistic world.

De Scharbiellie Culture House – De Scharbiellie Culture House is small Museum that has a permanent collection of Oceanic art from the collection of Paul simple belly from De Panne. The collection contains paintings sculptures and other artwork relating to the ocean. This exhibition which is unique in Europe is a one-of-a-kind collection of scientific, cultural, historic, anthropological as well as educational items.

Nature Reserve of Westhoek – West talk reserve on the western edge of De Panne. It is the largest Dunes landscape on the Belgian coast. It’s a great place to walk and explore with eight hundred and forty acres of vegetation varies. From full-grown trees to scrubby shrubs. In the springtime, wild flowers blossom along the sands. And in winter shallow rain water pools accumulates. The dunes continually change both their shape and position as winds move the sand.

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