Top 5 Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Top 5 Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a large Argentine center of cosmopolitan capital with the line of Plaza de Mayo with its honorable 19th-century building including Casa Rosada the iconic presidential palace. Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango and likes to dance that. It is tempting Attractive and bitterly exciting older environmental. Environments are right on the romantic restaurant and exciting nightlife and the European heritage of Buenos Aires is evident in its architecture and parks. So here are the top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires.

5 Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Top 5 Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Parque De La Costa – Parque De La Costa is an amusement park located in a northern suburb of Buenos Aires. The largest park of Argentina opened its doors in 1997. Since then received more than 15 million visitors with over 50 attractions. Such as roller coasters carousels and rides for The younger children. The park is joining the whole family. There is also unique live shows a lot of action and special effects and a great selection of restaurants and dinners to enjoy all the tastes.

Teatro Colon – One of the most important opera houses in the world and a landmark Theater of Buenos Aires. Colon began operating in 1857 along with the current opening of the space in 1905. Now restored to its former glory can withstand the symphony operations and ballets in its grand building. The classical headquarters of the shipyard work for the good viewing and acoustics and often cited as one of the top five opera houses in the world.

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Parque Tres De Febrero – Parque Tres De Febrero is a vast park in the city with approximately 400 hectares. Located in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires’s main area. The park is between Libertador Avenue and Figueroa al Court Avenue. Four expensive quiet parks are the beautiful lakes of many large Rose Garden colorful plants and different types of trees. Visitors can enjoy the beautifully landscaped area with bridges over the ponds to make it so charming.

Metropolitan Cathedral – Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is the main Catholic Church in Buenos Aires and located in the city center overlooking the Plaza de Mayo the cathedral is a wonderful Church high ceilings beautiful stained-glass marble windows and frescoes on the walls of the guests can admire the Rococo style altarpiece that has featured by The Virgin Mary and the Divine Trinity and the great German organ that takes place 1871. The former seat of Pope Francis this Cathedral has a history dating back to The early 17th century

La Ventana Tango Show – You will enjoy a traditional Argentine performance of nod and legend. That danced in a beautifully restored three storey The tenement building sits. And prepares to be mesmerized by an incredible performance of traditional nostalgia featuring orchestra with tangerine. And six-couple couples in handsome real costumes to enjoy a lavish three-course meal of classic Argentine. With a delicate local wines.

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