Top 3 Most Incredible Travel Destinations for 2019

Discovering unique travel destinations around the world has become more accessible than ever thanks to the Internet in this article I’m going to share with you the topmost incredible travel destinations for 2019. Let’s see what these are the top travel destinations for 2019.

3 Most Incredible Travel Destinations


1. Tanzania – Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas from the plains of the Serengeti National Park. Gradually giving way to the tallest freestanding mountain on earth now Kilimanjaro. I recommend traveling to Tanzania in January or during the dry season from late June till about October. Which is the best time to view wildlife? One in Tanzania flies into the city of Arusha. The best way to experience any new destination is my fully immersing yourself through the eyes of local. I don’t think we can call it the city’s village.

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Is it’s beautiful though very peaceful and for the more daring you can take on the mission of climbing at the 19,000,341 feet to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. You start the climb trekking through the dense rainforest and by the end, you finished the summit surrounded by the glaciers of Africa in the crater of the volcano experiencing unparalleled natural beauty come to Tanzania for a new perspective on life. After all, there’s no feeling like standing on top of the world well except maybe a finish ice bath.


2. Lapland, Finland – Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region known for its vast sub-Arctic wilderness, ski resorts and of course the elusive Northern Lights. To get there take a short flight from Helsinki north to the town of Keith Allah and you will find yourself immersed in an actual winter wonderland Lapland on average gets 60 to 90 centimeters of snow per winter and the snowpack is deepest in mid-march. This is a snow test the secret to this deep treacherous snow in Finland if you’re feeling kind of lazy or you’re looking for a bit more of a thrill rent a snowmobile and venture far out into the remote wilderness notice the best thing to do sometimes is just embrace the cold and stay a night at the snow village ice hotel.

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The temperature is minus 9 or minus 10 Celsius. It’s actually colder in the ice hotel than outside. The hotel comes complete with an amazing restaurant, movie theater, bar, and even a chapel and on a clear cold night headed to an isolated cabin far from city lights look up at the night sky and if you’re lucky you’ll see the most spectacular show of lights dancing and darting through the night sky.

West Sweden

3. West Sweden – Sweden is a Scandinavian country with thousands of coastal islands and during the summer months when the Sun doesn’t set. It’s as close to perfect as you can get head to the city of Gothenburg and take a ride at the amusement park, swim in a glass pool, high above the city stroll, the streets and have a classic Swedish Fika. Then catch a boat out of Gothenburg to the island of Verone go and make friends with the most Swedish man in the entire country.

Of course schnapps, lots of snots catch your own lunch experiencing Swedish fish and culture and spend the day working as a deckhand on a crayfish and boat or grab some kayaks and explore the thousands of islands along the west coast. Find a 70-foot high cliff and take the plunge into some of the cleanest water on planet earth. Come to West Sweden to relax and enjoy a simpler life by the sea.

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