Soca Valley (Slovenia) – Best Travel Destination

Kobarid, Soca Valley - Slovenia Best Travel Destination

One of the places you have to see, of course, is the river Soca. By far the most beautiful river in Slovenia. Can’t beat the color. I mean, it’s really unique. One of the caves. Slovenia’s most beautiful waterfalls.

History of Soca Valley

This ossuary was built in 1938 and it was inaugurated by Benito Mussolini who came here to this place to open this ossuary. And there are over 7000 soldiers, most of them are unknown, buried here. There are Italian soldiers from WWI. And in this city there’s a tree-lined road that’s leading to Kobarid was also build by Mussolini before they opened the ossuary. And the Kobarid museum which is dedicated to the WWI and the Isonzo front. It was one of the best museums in Europe.

Kobarid, Soca Valley - Slovenia Best Travel Destination

There’s a Napoleon Bridge and it’s named after Napoleon’s army which crossed this bridge in order to get to the rest of the Slovenian lands. It was built around 1812. Around the time when Napoleon’s army marched this place. The other well-known place is “Tonecov grad”. That’s a hill above Kobarid. There were settlements here. It was a very convenient location to hide because it’s on a hill and nothing surrounds this hill. Since the prehistoric times, medieval times and the Roman era people built houses here. There were really well protected.

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So, apparently, there are three churches. I think that they started excavating maybe 20 years ago or so. They just discovered this whole new culture. They needed something in order to survive that kept them alive for centuries. There’s also a water cistern. They were real engineers. I mean, there are two layers of walls. So, the outer layer and the layer where they put the dirt around. The soil. So they will keep the water preserved. That’s one of the ways how they survived for so long. There was a roof above the cistern.

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