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Most Exciting Places To Visit in 2019

Hello there 2019, it is the start of a new year which of course means to travel the most exciting places in the world. So, guys, this article helps you to plan your trips and travels for 2019.

Best Places To Visit in 2019

turkey country
Image of Istanbul with Suleymaniye Mosque during sunset.

The country you need to visit in 2019 has to be Turkey. This place is full of culture amazing food. It is an absolute feast and it is such an affordable place to visit. Now the thing we love the most in Turkey has to be the variety you can start in the incredible city of east handball and you can work your way down to the Mediterranean coast head into the hills and then your time in the stunning Cappadocia, one of the best hot-air balloons you can do in the world. So we really hope to see you guys heading to Turkey in 2019.

Dominican Republic

So the next travel destination for this year is got to be the Dominican Republic. Especially the Dominican treehouse village is a bit of a dream of mine to build and stay in treehouses. So this was like an incredible place to visit. Right in the jungle there’s a zip line which you can go on there are beaches nearby, there are amazing waterfalls and I honestly feel like it’s a bit of an underrated country to visit, really beautiful locals so many cool cultural things to do so I highly recommend visiting.

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The African continent is home to the best travel destinations in the world so for 2019, so we would recommend Namibia. It’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever been it’s home to incredible natural beauty you won’t find a ton of cities are even a lot of people here instead you’ll see giant sand dunes incredible coastlines and lots of African wildlife.

Taiwan Places To Visit in 2019

Everybody if you are planning your travels for 2019 makes sure to add Taiwan to your list as far as Asian destinations. Go it really flies under the radar but it has so much to offer you can eat your face off, you’ve got access to the most amazing noodle dishes, meat dishes, seafood dishes, dumplings and don’t forget the outrageous desserts and it is the land of bubble tea if you’re active. The people of Taiwan are very fit you can cycle on the island if you want to relax, you’ve got beaches, hot springs and if you like the culture there’s tons of history and very impressive architecture. It’s diverse it’s affordable and it’s where you got to go this year.

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