5 Non-Touristy Place In China You Never Heard


China the Gateway to East Asia is a fascinating country. It is an ancient human civilization that gave the world of Peking Man, gunpowder and noodles. Visitors making their first trip to China usually stay in larger cities. More experienced visitors to the Middle Kingdom will strike out in other directions. Maybe we are traveling a bit more frustrating due to the language barrier but the most definitely possible for independent travelers. Here is a look at the best places to visit in China

5 Amazing Place In China You Must Visit

Kunming 5 Non-Touristy Place In China You Never Heard

Kunming – Kunming is the economic transportation, industry and cultural center of Southwest China. it has been linked by train to all of China’s major cities as well as in Vietnam. the gentle The climate makes it a great place to visit any time of the year. largely due to the beautiful bluish flower The growing is a major industry and tourists can visit flower exhibits and auctions and a large Botanical Garden. in addition to its own charms, Kun Ming serves as a base from which to explore the rainbow of ethnic minorities in the area.


Jiuzhaigou – Jiuzhaigou valley is described as a fairyland because of its many waterfalls, snow-covered karst mountains and it’s 108 blue turquoise and green colors The lakes are very clear of a can see these bottoms. It is also the home of the giant pandas although the chances of seeing them are slim due to the size of the park and the number of tourists.

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Hangzhou – Hangzhou famous for her the natural scenery shows hung. It is The Westlake has been immortalized by countless poets and artists. In the 13th century, Marco Polo described the city as the p sophisticated and wonderful. In the world hang out most popular site West Lake is a large cos-way lined the lake. And lined with ancient buildings and gardens. Designed for visitors to relax. And holiness can find the temples of the pagodas walking the paths and tea along with its shores.


Yangshuo – Yangshuo in South China was once for a backpacker attraction. Because of its cheap price environment but now takes all kinds of travelers to enjoy the beautiful scenery and karst. The mountains of young schwa also make a good base on a day trip by a win for a fun trip to Lee River. Many travelers choose to rent a bicycle for the trip back because the route is fairly flat. And gives them the opportunity to view the show then their fields are suffering.


Lhasa – Lhasa is the most important city in the Tibet. It is one of the highest in the world at 11,500 feet. Lhasa despite its absorption in Greater Holding China most of its culture. It is home to Potala Palace which is the former home of the Dalai Lama. The palace was built in Red Hill more than 360 years ago. Another Palace was Norbulinka built in 1755. It is the summer palace of long before his exile.

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