5 Best Places To Visit In Buenos Aires

5 Best Places To Visit In Buenos Aires

If you love traveling and also love painting and sculptures then you must visit Buenos Aires. This is the place that you never forget in your life. There are so many exciting places to visit and enjoy. So let check them out.

Top Places To Visit In Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada – The casa to blaze the pink colored Palace Executive Mansion and Argentina’s President’s office. That scenes a lot of history this city is from the balcony of Casa Rosada. That Juan and Evita perón talked to the masses in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Casa Rosada there is a museum behind the palace itself stands in the area occupied by the original colonial way of knowing It presents Argentine history from the colonial period to the present and home the ruins of the original walls of the former Customs.

Cementerio De La Recoleta

Cementerio De La Recoleta – One of the great cemetery worlds and one of the most memorable sights the Cementerio De La Recoleta. It’s a city in the collapsed cemetery opened to the public in 1822. It is a visionary sight of the domes pantheon. And sculptures right in the heart of Buenos Aires. Scientist writers are the leaders and the famous is placed at rest here. The most famous resident Maria Eva Duarte de perón or Evita.

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Obelisco – Built-in 1936 from white stones to remember the establishment of the city of obelisk or obelisk Oh. Is one of the most important Buenos Aires monuments. And a city icon itself obelisk stands 67 points five meters tall. At the intersection of nine on Julio Avenue one of the world’s largest Koreans Avenue.

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes – The Fine Arts Museum in Buenos Aires are among the best in the world. With works by South American artist In addition to large names. Such as Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Monet, and Picasso. Are in a large building originally The pumping station has paintings, tapestries, carvings and rotating. Temporary exhibits displayed for all the guests to enjoy.

Galileo Galilei Planetarium – The Galileo Galilei Planetarium is commonly known as planetary. It is located in a fascist Parque trade in Palermo district of Buenos Aires. This globe shaped building housing a circular room 20 meters wide and has opened 360 reclining seats in 1967. At the planetarium entrance, there was a meteorite. And on the first floor of the museum, you can view the moonstones brought from the Apollo 11 mission.

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