5 Best Places In Indonesia To Please Yourself


The Indonesian archipelago is spreading over 5,200 kilometers between Asia Mainland and Australia. All within the tropics and consists of 18,000 islands. Indonesia has a unique feature that offers everything from cool white sands and lonely volcanoes Bali. In the vibrant capital city of Jakarta in uninhabited Sumatra land, you can always find other things here island fishing. It has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forests anywhere in the world. And home to some beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spots as well. As an overview of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Some Best Places In Indonesia To Visit


Jakarta – The huge capital of Jakarta Indonesia is a big grievous city with a population of over 10 million seated on the northwestern coast of the island of Java. Which is a historical mix of cultures Java, Malay, Chinese, Arabic, Indian and European influences the language architecture and cook. The Old Town Old town is home to Dutch colonial building blood out jakarta’s Chinatown and the old port of cyndaquil Appa for traditional wooden shooters dock central median Merdeka square is the site of the National Monument or Mona’s a marble obelisk with an observation deck and the huge Ishta Glau mosque.

The National Museum traces Indonesian pump history damaged by the archipelago remains ceramic statues and jewelery. the city has many modern malls and specialist shopping areas such as antique markets. The distance offshore Surabaya is some Thousand Islands with beach resorts without residents. All parts of a marine National Park. And high levels of pollution is full of exciting nightlife and colorful shopping area.

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5 Best Places In Indonesia To Please Yourself

Lombok – Lombok is an indonesian island east of Bali. And west of San Bao is part of the lower Sunda Islands. The free gili gili islands, gili gili trawangan, gili air and Gili Meno. A flan The box on the west coast offers more beach briefs for diving and snorkeling and a sea. The tortoise of the western turtle is singing Giggy. It is a popular beach resort on the Gateway to the ghillies west Lombok. Also has important temples that are 18th century. Most striking pearl links and Matt Sorum is the home of provincial working capital The shops and historical museums.

The middle mountain country is gunning also National Park on Mount Rinjani. An active volcano on the top of a crater lake which is monitoring. And travel trip to northern Lombok The jungle, waterfalls and traditional. The island has the same kind of beautiful beaches and volcanic volcanoes with more commercialism. And fewer crowds are making it one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

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Ban Dung

Ban Dung – Capital of The province of Java in Indonesia is a large city set amongst volcanoes. Art Deco architecture is a lively university town that feels and thanks to its 768-meter elevation fairly cool tropical weather. The nickname in Paris of Java during the Dutch colonial van dong stays. The 1920s and 30s landmarks like neoclassical ji-dong say that it was c’était now. The provincial governor’s office built with this rooftop resembling Indonesian skewered meat dish. Also has the Art Deco mansion Villa Isola and the Sudanese roofed ceremonial hall acclaimed. The institute technology Bandung near the natural sights is tangled for upside down the volcano with trekking. And horseback riding above active. The craters also have light turquoise bamboo lake cow op big and patching gang lake surrounded by tea plantations.

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