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4 Best Places To Visit In These Holiday

Holidays are coming and you must have to go to some new places and relax. If you are bit confused about where you have to go them we have 4 most amazing traveling destinations that you visit in these holidays. So don’t waste your extra energy and look them all.

4 Best Places To Visit This Year


Martinique – Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island of parts of the Lesser Antilles and if you’re based in New York it’s only a quick flight away you land in the bustling capital city a gateway to Martinique where the culture reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences the northern. Half of the island is defined by the towering multiple a volcano, a sea of vivid green lush tropical rainforest blankets, the rugged landscape of the north.

I recommend hiking to these summits of the volcano then adventure down into the narrow gorges below it to cool off in a hidden waterfall. Martinique is one of the most environmentally friendly islands in the Caribbean. You can even spend the night in a giant eco-friendly jungle bubble resort, yes this is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Make your way to the very southernmost points of the island to the brilliant white shores of lace Elina which is actually the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen on earth. Come to Martinique to experience the full vibrancy of the Caribbean on one single Island.

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Iceland – (the Land of Fire and Ice) is defined by its dramatic landscape with active volcanoes, hot springs and massive glaciers covering 11% of the landscape 60% of the population lives in the capital city of Reykjavik leaving the majority of the country in pure isolation. The best way to explore Iceland is by renting a car and making your way down. The southeast coast on your road trip stops at the most famous waterfall in the country.

Make friends with some locals who will lead you to a secret hot spring. Also, explore the world-famous black sand beaches with its enormous basalt stacks and roaring Atlantic waves. Explore the crystal ice caves and towering glaciers which float to the sea. Wash up on the shore dazzling at Diamond Beach. My biggest piece of advice while in Iceland is arrived at the touristy locations at sunrise to avoid those crowds. And keep a very close eye on the weather.

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California – It is a western US state that stretches from the Mexican border. Along the Pacific Ocean for nearly 900 miles. The terrain includes cliff-lined beaches vast areas of desert and the sprawling city of Los Angeles. The best way to fully experience California is to road trip down the historic highway. One start off in San Francisco make your way south through Big Basin. Experience the wonders of the redwood forest continue down to Santa Cruz for a quick surf really take it slow as you drive it through Big Sur which is one of the most dramatic meetings of land and sea on earth. Take a tour of the extravagant Hill topped Hearst Castle spend some time lounging by the pool in Palm Springs trade in your and head way out into the desert to do some soul-searching in the spiritual Joshua Tree National Park.

New Zealand

New Zealand  – If you really want to get away headed to one of the most remote countries in the world. New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean marked by incredible geothermal wonders rolling green hills. And more sheep than people fly into Auckland. Head right to the top of the sky tower harness yourself in. And get a 360 view of the cityscape walking around at the narrow skywalk. Or if you really want to beat that jet lag just base jump off the building leave the city behind. Visit the tranquil town of Hobbiton head out into the bush. Hike through a forest of Silver Ferns to Bridal Veil Falls or kick back and relax. Take a healing a geothermal sulfur mud bath at Hell’s Gate. And finally, do a full send-off of a 25-foot waterfall down the rapids in.

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